How to Make Time for Self Improvement



With how busy our lives are and so much on our to-do list, it may sound insane to take time for self-improvement. We all have that list of self-improvement books to read, podcasts to listen to and organizations to join. But where IS THE TIME!?

Here are some simple ways I try to add in self-improvement time to fit into my already existing schedule. 

1. Podcasts + Audio Books

  • Any time I have a long drive to go see my family in WV, a road trip for work or just a longer commute to a friend's house, I try to use this time to catch up on my "self-improvement" time. I'll catch up on podcasts like The Wonder Jam's or Josie Schweitzer's. 

  • If I plan, I'll hit the library and grab the audio version of some books I've been wanting to read. 

  • When I am doing my "chores" like laundry folding and washing the dishes I'll play MarieForleo TV and watch her hilarious + highly informative interviews and shows. (This actually makes me look forward to doing house work).

2. Networking Groups, Book Clubs n On

  • I try to use these types of meetups as a way to not only meet new people and learn a skill but to schedule a catch up with a friend. It's a great time to invite a friend you haven't seen in awhile to something other than another happy hour. 

3. Spiritual Improvement

  • If you're religious or have something in that realm you like to listen to like me, I will catch up on my online church sermons during my morning walks with Stuart the Hound and say my prayers. 

4. Meditation Apps/Breath Work/Calmness

  • I don't schedule a consistent daily time for meditation b/c (for my life) that isn't super realistic. So I will just fit this in when I arrive somewhere early and do it in my car. If I wake up early and have a few minutes I'll use a 5 minute guided meditation from my free app, Insight Timer.  Now look at the hot items below. They're for you.XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost


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