What I've Learned this Year


Lately life has been weird. A lot of ups and a lot of downs. This entire year has been weird. It’s been the best and literally the worst.

I went through a 6 year break-up which meant I lost the relationship but also lost my best friend within that relationship and struggled with questioning myself often if it was the right choice.  It was also a year where I made incredible friendships and grew my business. I dated, tried new things and learned things about myself.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • We all want to have a plan. But life rarely works out according to that plan.

  • We can either choose to play it safe and go out with mediocre people and not get hurt OR take risks and set ourselves up for what’s sometimes amazing and sometimes potential to get hurt

  • It can be very overwhelming when you feel isolated and see pictures of everyone else happy, in the perfect relationship, jetsetting, etc.

  • It can be overwhelming to try and plan out the year you want to get married have kids etc so just don’t do that shit

  • It’s hard to make solid friends post college but if you take advantage of outings and happenings it really helps

  • Stuart the hound will probably always hate men

  • Time doesn’t always make things easier but you learn how to manage things better

  • You can try to avoid feeling your feelings by staying busy, drinking and doing all the things but eventually there you are.

  • There are some days you think you are winning at life and then shit hits you out of nowhere and you’re taking 18 steps backward.

  • Dry shampoo really does work

  • Figuring out what allows you to cope in a healthy way is key. For me it’s working out, writing and praying.

  • You can ask your circle for advice but ultimately it’s your life and your decision in the end

THE BEAUTY BOOST: "Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear" -Anthony Robbins