4 Ways to feel Refreshed + Avoid Burnout with Minimal Effort


As we approach the last week of January, our resolutions and goals begin to take the back burner. That January bliss has come and gone. Our sense of “Refresh” and renewal slowly fades and the spark of a new year dwindles away. BUT…it doesn’t have to!

Below are a few ways to carry that REFRESHED feeling into February.

  1. Write your theme of the year, resolutions, goals, (whatever it is) on a piece of paper and carry it in your wallet. Take a moment each week to review your note, refocusing the mind on what your vision is.

  2. Think of this new year as the best year of your life. Pencil in any vacations, weekend getaways (The Beauty Barre April Retreat cough cough), outings with friends and anything else that brings you joy. Create the year you want.

  3. Build up your energy. Obviously start with the essentials-get more sleep, eat healthy, workout, blah blah blah. We can do all of the above and still face plant at the end of the day. Look at your schedule and see what you can remove. Stop wasting mindless energy thinking about little things you need to do and just do them first thing of the work day. Stop trying to multi-task at everything. Research has shown it’s better to just focus on a project, do it and move onto the next.

  4. Create more bliss at home. This can be lighting your favorite candles, listening to Spotify, opting for a bath instead of a shower, reading a magazine instead of mindless television, or maybe it’s allowing yourself some mindless television because you never do!

Have some tips of your own? Share them in the comment section below.

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XO,Rachel-The Beauty Barre