June Edition: Adding Adventure to Your Everyday Life


Summer is finally here, stirring us up inside…making it difficult to sit through class or the work day. Friends are posting pictures of beach vacations, patio cocktails and boating fun. And then there’s you.

 Maybe you’re feeling a little off lately? Maybe a bit restless, tired with the every day same old same old. Maybe you even feel pretty bored with yourself. Now is the time to dive in and create new adventures even if you don’t have a limitless budget with a four-week vacation at your fingertips.

The good news is there are lots of ways to add more adventure into your everyday life. We’ve put together what we think are the best ways to add more bliss this Summer. Enjoy<3


Adventures for the Working Gal:

Grab your girlfriends or favorite coworker and seek out a new sushi spot for lunch.Meet your man directly after work at the best patio or rooftop spot in town for sangria.Check out a new studio and try a different type of workout to spice things up. Your body will thank you. Maybe rock climbing??Get up an hour earlier and take a pre-work hike at a new trail. 

Turn up Your Weekends:

Research nearby breweries or vineyards and take a day trip.Rent bikes and explore the actual city you live in. You’re bound to find something undiscovered.Shake up your morning by trying a new coffee shop and exploring a bookstore.Book a cooking class at a place like The Seasoned Farmhouse.Invite your neighbors, friends whoever over and grill out.Search for local spots to rent kayaks, canoe or paddleboard!Support your farmers by shopping at the nearest Farmer’s Market. Create a delicious brunch with your family. If all else fails, begin planning an actual week long vacation. Nail down your dates, research “things to do” and get planning!

XO Rachel-The Beauty Barre