5 Ways to Love Yourself..with Food!


We love to feel great, am I right? It’s good to eat good food, right again, no? But, what’s REALLY good (may I even suggest the word best?) is eating good food that, in turn, makes you feel good and love your body! Listed below are 5 nutrients (and their associated foods) proven to make you feel better and serve as an extra reminder of how awesome the body can be when treated with love.


1. Goodbye Monthly Visitor

Hey ladies, stock up on your calcium requirements to ward of the effects of PMS-related depression. Get yours through a heart diet of collard greens, yogurt (greek is your best bet for some added protein, too!), kale, and milk.

2. Stop the Crazy with…Folate (also seen as B9 or folic acid)

This nutrient is super important to your mood regulation as it has a strong relation to maintaining your serotonin levels. Serotonin is useful in a variety of functions including mood determination and social behavior regulation. Stock up on spinach, black eyed peas, asparagus, and avocado to increase your folate intake.

3. Turn that Frown Upside Down…with iron

Iron is known for its many uses in the body, but in terms of making you a happier human, it is related to feelings of fatigue and depression. So, in an effort to ward off those nasty feels, arm yourself with a diet rich in soybeans, lentils and fortified oatmeal.

4. Up Your Energy with…Omega-3’s

Consumption of this fatty acid puts you at the pinnacle of health, according to any health related article out there, and as an added bonus it defeats symptoms of fatigue, mood swings, and depression to help keep you feeling your best. Chia seeds, (more) spinach, and salmon are some great ways to sneak more of this super nutrient into your diet.

5. Shine Bright Like a Diamond with….Vitamin D

Ah, the sunshine nutrient- makes sense that decreased levels of this would result in depressive symptoms, right? Keep yourself feeling bright as the sun by creating a diet rich in eggs, mushrooms, cheese, and fatty fish. Also, stepping out and enjoying some good old fashioned sunshine wouldn’t hurt either.Written by Guest Blogger + OSU Nutrition Major, Andrea ZaferesXO, Rachel-The Beauty BarreDon't forget-the retreat is coming up