Hey girl!

This week we're featuring one of my favorite humans: Andrea Taylor!! I met her at a State Farm event years ago and we kicked it off. She is an awesome lil yogi, lake loving mama and great friend. Learn how she finds her passion THROUGH owning a State Farm location.

Tell us about you and what you do!

I’m a big dreamer who never stops planning, creating, thinking, advising, accomplishing and living life with no regrets! When I look at this world I see opportunity, I see an opportunity to change people’s lives, I see an opportunity to change my community, I see an opportunity to help make people’s dreams come true!

I love helping people and building lifelong relationships! I have owned my insurance agency for seven years and prior to that I worked internally for State Farm. I have three fully licensed team members one of which is my husband! We specialize in helping our customers remove liability risk and protect their ability to earn an income. I am extremely passionate about money ( I LOVE talking to people about money) and helping people put their money to work for them! I focus on meeting with customers in person to help define their goals, protect their homes/auto’s/assets/business, and accomplish their dreams! I can guarantee you one thing we are going to have some FUN in the process.

When I am not taking care of business I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two kids traveling, camping, hiking, skiing, boating, doing yoga, photography, and I LOVE music!

So what is “a day in the life of an agent?”

It really depends on the day! There are never two days that are the same and that is why it keeps me on my toes. Are you ready here we go!! Morning Networking, Team Meeting, Team Development, Meeting with customers, volunteering, community events, Interviewing, HR Duties/Payroll, Tracking Marketing, Tracking Sales Numbers, Motivating and Leading my team to hit goals, running quarterly office promotions, continuing education, compliance training, helping with difficult customer situations and the list goes on!

The reality of what we do is tough we had a two week period not too long ago where we had two small house fires, a customer hit by a semi-truck and they called us from the side of the road, another client while in New York was in an accident and his wife was pulled out with the jaws of life, and we had a grandmother whose grandson committed suicide in her basement. WE ARE HERE during the worst of times BUT we are also here to celebrate with people during the best of times. We send out baby blankets when a customer has a baby, Wedding cards, Anniversary cards, Get Well cards, WE GET to be a part of people’s lives which is really special.

What kind of clients do you work with?

I work with all types of customers from every walk of life! But there are three area’s I really enjoy spending my time. I love helping business owners, they are so busy being business owners they need someone they can count on to make sure they are properly protected. I love helping during the home buying process, homeowner’s insurance is complex and most people are never going to sit down and read their policy. I also love helping people protect their families with life insurance. These are some of the toughest conversations I have with people, but the most important!

What’s the most memorable thing a customer has done for you?

I had a customer whose wife had passed away. I sat down with him and listened to his wife’s story and we bawled all over each other! I helped with several things he needed to wrap up that were not with State Farm. After this meeting he came in the next day and brought me flowers and a box of chocolatesJ I have had customers make me jewelry, bring me honey from their bee farm, customers who send me cards, and the list of memorable things goes on! It is what is so special about what I get to do.

Anything else you would like to share?

If you don’t have an agent, or have an agent you love please reach out to me! I would love the opportunity to hear your story, get to know your needs, and give you a second opinion! I am always at taste of fitness so please come over and introduce yourself, let’s talk about your financial fitness.

Email: andrea@taylorsf.com

Haley Guggenheim