9 Healthy + Cheap + Quick Meals...for girls on the run

Image_077Food. Sometimes it's fun to eat and somes it's overwhelming. Sadly most of my meals in the past and sometimes still in the present were devoured with me hovering over the kitchen counter, eating while driving or grabbing something out.The Beauty Boost:If you keep good food in your fridge you will eat good food. The busier we get the less we think about our meals and we wait until we're starving to "decide" what we want..typically making bad choices and draining our wallets.Below are some of my favorite + quick + cheap go-tos.If planning for an entire week overwhelms you just do one day in advance before you go to bed;)Breakfast*Smoothie (Coconut Milk + organic peanut butter + chocolate protein + frozen banana) *Tastes like a Wendy's frosty and is pretty filling.*Hard boiled egg, apple slices, peanut butter, whole grain english muffin * I tried to recreate the Starbuck's to-go meal*Whole Grain Bread + mashed avocado + lemon juice + red pepper flakes*Acai Bowl (coconut milk + frozen bananas n strawberries + acai powder and top with chia seeds, peanut butter n bananas)Lunch + Dinner*Eat Smart Salad kits ..these are $3 on sale and have everything you need. My favorites are the Kale and Asian.*PB n J with carrots + hummus (like a child)*Tuna Salad + whole grain crackers or on top of salad*Salmon + veggies + sweet potato*Mixed veggies on brown rice with seasoned tofu (or meat of choice)Snacks..all day long*Trail mix*Almond*apples and peanut butter*greek yogurt (option to add granola)*protein balls*Almond butter to go packs by Justin*KIND or Luna bars*Edamame*Straight up avocadosNothing fancy...but everything is under about 10 minutes, inexpensive n healthy:)The key is to have your fridge filled with healthy options + your work fridge.If you've got some of your own, tell me so I can eat them too and share them in the comment section below:)XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost