April’s Beauty Checklist

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Just like New Year’s Eve, Spring brings a new, fresh outlook to the year. Goodbye winter coat, heated blankets and grey gloom. We are diving into April full force and have created a must-have, must-see, must-do April beauty checklist below! Enjoy!

Beauty Must-Dos


Try a new hiking trail like Rock Stalls, Hocking Hills or Mohican State Park. Make it an AM date with a friend and pack mugs of coffee or go with your man and pack some light food and white wine for a nice little treat.<3 Beauty Perk: Nature, sunlight, and exercise are all amazing components for your health. Other perks include glowing skin, a calmer mind and toned legs!

Freshen up your Fitness:

Spice up your workouts with nature. There are loads of “fitness in the park” classes meeting all over town. Columbus Commons is our favorite! Not only is it FREE (yes, you heard that right) but it offers a variety of classes such as yoga, boot camp, interval training, kickboxing and more.<3 Beauty Perk: Stress releaser, weight loss and increased energy!

Refresh your Look:

Been thinking of a new cut, style or color? Now is the time! Go for that ombre, balayage or chop. Or, take a less drastic approach and play up your style with braids, twists and fishtails.<3Beauty Perk: Inner confidence!

Closet Detox:

How good does it feel to get organized? Pack up those bulky sweaters and coats and replace with flowy tanks, shorts and swimsuits. Pack everything you rarely wear in a separate container to keep your day-to-day items easy to find. Purge anything you haven’t worn in at least two years and give to donation.<3 Beauty Perk: Giving has been shown to lower depression, blood pressure and lead to greater happiness


Something New:

Now is the time to try something new. Have you been wanting to try a drive-in movie, go to that concert in the park, or book that travel to see your best friend? Stop thinking about it and just do it.<3 Beauty Perk: Trying new things leads to increased confidence and self esteem.

Beauty Must-Have

Wardrobe Makeover:

Target. Need I say more? The best part about a new season is the shopping of course. Check out all of Target’s hot + affordable Spring line! Don’t forget to throw in a new pair of shades, flip-flops, beach hat, jean shorts, basic tee and beach bag. Try these distressed boyfriend shorts as a basic go-to.<3 Beauty Perk: You won’t even need to workout after a full day of walking the shops.Don't forget, The Beauty Barre Retreat is coming up April 24-April 26! We've got 2 spots left.XOXO Rachel-The Beauty Barre