Are You Making Choices Based on your Values?


Hey girl!

What if life decisions were super easy? You just asked yourself the question and then decided if it aligned with your values. Voila. Answer/Problem solved. Sometimes I think it CAN be that easy.

Knowing our values helps us live a HAPPIER LIFE. 

Your values could be things like:


*Intimate relationship



How does this comes into play after you determine what your values are?

You may hit questions like:

*Should you keep dating Randolph? 

(Well, I value adventure and an intimate relationship and good ole Randy just wants to sit around and play video games and never spend quality time after I've spoken to him on this. Answer=stop wasting time with him. Move on.)

*Should I take the promotion at work into that leadership role where I'll make more money and also work more hours?

(My value is family time and this will majorly cut into that. We're already fine with the income I bring in so I"m going to decline this even though that's a difficult decision.)

*Should I redecorate my house or go on that backpacking trip with friends to Europe? 

(I value adventure and I don't really need anything for my home so I'm going to put my money towards Europe.)

You get the idea. If you're toying with some hard decisions feel free to give this tool a try or email me!

XO Rachel- The Beauty Boost