Best Tips on Being Massive Productive

Untitled design (11)People's schedules have always fascinated me. There is nothing I love more (except Stuart the Hound) then getting a peak into people's morning routines, how they stay organized and just how they live their days. So this email is dedicated to little tips on staying productive.The Beauty Boost: "Time is non-refundable. Do it with Intention."1. EMAIL CLUTTER. I have emails everywhere. I met with Alice of CHAARG yesterday who is helping me get organized and here is how she simply organizes her email folders into just three ways:(A) Things I should delete...these are emails you may want to hang on for a bit but eventually delete(B) Actions..these are emails that require a response/action item(C) Process...these are emails that have an action but are in the process of being worked on2. PLAN YOUR DAY OUT THE PREVIOUS NIGHT. Marie Forleo's best advice on being productive in just 4 minutes...I do this one daily which is plan your following day the night before. Here's an awesome link for her short video: 4 THINGS REALLY PRODUCTIVE PEOPLE DO. Another great video by Marie Forleo: FOOD + MOVEMENT. Make sure you have healthy food to grab and go and schedule in some type of movement for yourself. Today I don't have a class scheduled in with my odd schedule of meetings but you bet your butt I'm going to take Stuart on a nice little stroll and listen to a podcast. Win win.That's all. Hope you enjoy<3XO Rachel-The Beauty BoostCOMING UP:*A Taste of Fitness Sampler #2: June 11 10am-12pm. Under 25 spots left!*A Taste of Fitness CLEVELAND: July 16 9am-1pm*The Summer Retreat Getaway: August 18-20. Hocking Hills. 3 spots left. *Summer Paddle Board Series is Up and first events already Sold Out..see the others!*1 on 1 Empowerment Sessions. Email for details & to book.*Our virtual EveryDay Inspired group is growing. If you want in or details email me! It's FREEEEEEE.