Creating “Do Nothing Days"


Happy Morning!

I can’t remember the last time I woke up to a day with no agenda. Somehow the days I think I have reserved to do nothing get filled with errands, teaching a yoga class, etc etc. Even times when I am out with friends for fun I can start to feel anxious because I tend to plan things too close together and don’t always allow myself to enjoy the “now” because I’m thinking about the next place I need to be. I think we can all wind up in this trap of the go go go and it can be almost addicting.It’s harder to take a step back and plan times to literally have nothing to do. It’s extremely hard to plan a full and what I call “do nothing day” but we know this is good for us and that this time of doing nothing will allow us to be better for all the days we have something.So maybe take a look at your agenda book or online calendar and pencil in some time for no agenda for the next two weeks. Begin to make this a habit and notice how you feel at the end of a month or so. These things don’t always come naturally to the do-ers out there and it can be a real struggle but it’s all a practice that (hopefully) gets easier.The Beauty Boost:“Wherever you are be all there.”XO Rachel-The Beauty BoostComing Up:*The Winter Retreat. I’ve gotten about 15 emails in the past few days of people letting me know they are signing up so if you’re one of those people be sure to do so as we don’t have 15 spots left! Dates are Feb. 17-19 at Hocking Hills. Book your adventure!*A Taste of Fitness is January 15 and I’m continuing to add on more experience stations and surprises. This entire event is just $10 and you can come and go as you please<3