Do this 1 Thing Now to feel Happier

Untitled design (4)There are many ways to change your life to feel happier. I'm going to hone in on ONE which I believe is the biggest one.This one "thing" prevents us from taking action, making choices we want to make, taking chances to turn directions, move towards our passions and on.That one thing is fear.The Beauty Boost: "You only live Once."Here's a little story. I don't believe in "being fearless." That's a load of crap as we all know. We are human and fear is a normal emotion. I am always nervous and fearful with my business choices but that fear begins to lessen and excitement begins to grow as I make more and more choices in the path I want to go and it will for you too.This past weekend we had "A Taste of Fitness Sampler Edition" for the first time and I was scared to do it. I was nervous people wouldn't sign up or find out about it. The event sold out two weeks early AND EVEN NOW I'm scared to plan the second event for June 11th but I am still doing it. I take a moment and sit with that feeling of fear and say okay. Yes, I am nervous. Yes my financials and reputation are on the line but...oh well. Just do it anyway. "You only live once" has become my weekly mantra.And with that notion, I finally signed up for a month long intensive yoga 500 hour training in Bali for October. I am Shitting my pants nervous and also crazy excited. I remind myself to just keep pushing forward (easier said than done) but we have to in order to create change in our lives.I encourage you to take a look at your year, your agenda book, whatever it is and plan one thing ...just one...that you've been holding back on. It can be tiny or small but decisions lead to change and change leads to a more fulfilled life.XO Rachel-The Beauty BoostCOMING UP:*A Taste of Fitness Sampler #2: June 11 10am-12pm. Limited to 120 spots.*The Summer Retreat Getaway: August 18-20. Hocking Hills. Limited to 20 spots. *Summer Paddle Board Series Coming Soon!*1 on 1 Empowerment Sessions. Email for details & to book.