If You Do This, Then You Can Get That

do this get that

Hey girl!

I listened to a great podcast that chatted on how everything we do in life can contain this sentence: “IF I do this, Then I get that.”

Here’s how you can relate this to your life and use it as a tool:
We can find ourselves stuck in the crazy hamster wheel living life where everything is rushed, chaotic and unorganized. But we just keep scheduling the meetings, saying yes to that favor for a friend, taking on more than we really want to and so on. SOOO to make change you need to tell yourself, “IF I want more peace, zen and less rush in my days, THEN I need to (say no more, review my week realistically of what I can accomplish well, etc) To GET that type of day/feeling I desire. 

This is relevant for any choice you’re dealing with. More examples:

IF I want to be in a better job, Then I need to start applying, networking, putting myself out there/ creating a plan TO GET that desired job. 

IF I want a better relationship with my spouse/boyfriend, then I need to carve out a weekly date night of focused time To GET a closer connection.

If you’re feeling stuck on a life decision whether big or small, give this little guy a try:)

XO Rachel- The Beauty Boost

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Katie Mander