Do THIS to Setup a Damn Good Week


Doing this THING allows me to release any wasted mental stress and really go into my week with clarity. I feel WAY more put together. I lose that chaos of running all over the place without an intention for my day.

The THING I do is setup my week either on Sundays or, lately, Monday mornings.

Example of my Monday routine:

  • Wake up at 7am

  • Get my bag packed for the day and drop Stuart the Hound at daycare

  • Drive to the Starbucks near Melt Dublin and plan out my classes for the week. Schedule in my own workouts, meetings and priorities/focus for the week ahead. Jot in grocery time, fun time etc.

  • 9am: Dive into my day!If I didn't take the 45 minutes or so to do this I would be a nut job. Give it a shot and see what day of the week and time works best for you :)

THE BEAUTY BOOST: "Keep your Mind on What Matters"

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost