Erin Cappiccie: Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


It took me years to realize that my personal journey through digestive distress & work/life imbalance would ultimately lead me into my passion: health & wellness coaching. Personal success at mending myself mixed with my love of health & nutrition helped me make a decision: I’m compelled to help others find balance and anchor for wellness.I am being trained at The Institute For Integrative Nutrition where I am learning more than one hundred dietary theories and study a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. I will graduate February 2015. In the meantime, I’m certified to take on clients at a discounted rate. Let’s be real - my exploding enthusiasm and your needs to embrace a healthy lifestyle are too heavy to hold until then. In addition to health coaching, my nutritional advice is regularly published at, play, finances, school, family, friends, spirituality, health… we’re all juggling this stuff, and let’s be honest: you’re likely dropping one or many of these as we speak. The journey to wellness is what it is: it’s your personal journey. I am here to work for you, support you, and help you drop the anchor when we find the best place to land. Let’s do this.

What to Expect:

•One-on-one hour long sessions (*virtual via phone/video chat)•E-mail service in between sessions•Dietary recommendation plans•Lifestyle recommendation plans•Goal setting exercises + worksheets•Relevant Handouts & charts•Healthy + Simple Recipes

 My Specialities Below! Do any of these sound like You?

  • HELP! I love cheese, but I think it hurts my stomach!

  • How can I eat like a normal human and still fit into my wedding dress?

  • Pretox Plan! Get me on the straight and narrow ahead of the holidays.

  • Revive Plan! I need to get on the straight and narrow after the holidays.

  • Springbreak Boost: Help me get remotely close to looking like the babes in the magazines.

  • Power Lunch: Eat like a champ / perform like a champ.

  • Sugar Blues: Have a fair fight against sugar cravings.

  • Post-Baby Blues: I love my new baby, but I do not love what it left behind.

  • I Am Dating Myself: Happy, Healthy Independence.

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