How the F to Make Friends After College


"How do I meet anyone in my 30s!?"

"It's so hard to make friends after college."

"I don't want to be creepy and I despise networking events."

Yes. The struggle is real. Where does one meet their people after college? I hear this from women a lot. And I experienced it.

I've had my same core group of friends since grade school. I would be lost without them. But we all went to different colleges and now live in different states. After college I got a round trip ticket to Los Angeles and had the time of my life.

THEN I returned to Ohio and it was like crickets. Everyone had dispersed. It was extremely lonely for a long time. I honestly met most of my now very close friends through my own Beauty Boost events and have seen countless others do the same. I feel blessed to have met so many amazing women and suggest, if you're looking for outlets to meet new women, to do the same. We have a whole smorgasboard of happenings below.

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost


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