Financial Tips n Tricks for Everyday Life


I’m going to tell you a secret.

I’m not a billionaire. Gasp, I know.

I’m sharing some financial tricks I have with you whether you’re looking to end your day job and go out on your own or just live a little easier with your current salary. I truly believe it’s not what you make but what you spend. I have a very close friend making about 6 figures and hasn’t saved much at all. Why is that? We all choose to spend our money differently. More money equals more freedom and adventure and less stress.


  • Earn more than your bills. Simple, right? There are many things you can do to cut down on your bills even if you, hopefully, are making more than your bills.

  • Cut out cable if you never use it. This goes for having Hulu, Netflix, HBOGO, etc. Just pick the main one you use.

  • If you’re paying more than $50 a month for WIFI call your provider and tell them you’re going to switch providers. They’ll literally do anything to keep you. It’s a pretty fun game.

  • Is your water bill high? Shower at the studio you workout at. No, I’m not kidding.

  • Install LED lightbulbs to cut on your energy bill.

  • Unplug chargers when you're not using them.


  • Stop going to 8 different fitness studios and find one place that has many offerings. You can try Class Pass or see if studios offer a free drop in or even a week to see what you like!

  • Buy your workout clothes at Marshalls and skip LuluLemon. We all love it. But you can literally buy an entire closet for what one pair of leggings costs you there. Wait for Christmas.

  • Do free videos at home when you really need to cut back.

  • I'm not a fan of this but there are some great videos free of charge on youtube.


  • I’ve always been taught to have multiple streams of income regardless of the amounts. So anytime I’ve had a big girl job I’ve always had freelance projects on the side. ALWAYS. This can be a simple Etsy account, babysitting, dog walking or type of service you offer.


  • Build easy adventure into your life with mini affordable trips to places like Hocking Hills or even a road trip to Nashville (5 hrs from Cbus).

  • For more extravagant trips I always book AIRBNB b/c I hate hotels and you get a full kitchen to cook and save money and not eat shit all week. I also build up points through airlines and try to keep my flight as the biggest expense. You can also just go places where you have friends and stay with them.

  • Groupon-I've had friends have success with all inclusive trips that have included their flights and everything for pretty affordable.


  • Buy a new polish at Target and cut out the manis/pedis except for special occasions.

  • Cut out those monthly subscription boxes if you’re not really using the products.

  • IF you have the time, you can post and sell almost anything via Facebook when it comes to furniture, clothes etc.

  • Stop buying a new outfit for every occasion. I haven’t been to the mall in ages and somehow miraculously still have clothes. You will too.


  • The Beauty Boost—events, retreats, offerings (so sign up for something below<3)

  • Three freelance jobs that involve social media, marketing, interviewing and coordination where I bill at an hourly rate

  • Dog Sitting (just b/c my own dog is a real A-hole doesn’t mean I can’t handle yours)

PS Send me tricks of your own if you have them. I love nothing more than saving money!

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost