Focus, the Why + Being Busy

focus the why being busy

Hey girl!

I’ve been on a podcast binge lately with my boy, Robin Sharma, (yea right I wish he knew who I was). And he chats about how we’re busy at being busy but not FOCUSED. Sometimes we hear the theme in yoga class to focus and it can be an empty word but it’s literally how we live our lives. If we can focus BETTER we strengthen the relationships with our family + friends. We produce better quality work and we feel energetically better. 

When you sit down for stillness, meditation or go to yoga, TRY to not just check off a box but get back to your own personal WHY. Why are you focusing? For me, I am working to focus to grow TBB and be more present in my relationships. 

Try setting an intention for Focus for this week ahead and stop being just “busy.” It’s not that cool anymore.


XO Rachel- The Beauty Boost

Katie Mander