How to Follow your Passion + Make Money


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This is what I've heard lately. Women either are unhappy in their current jobs OR they ARE happy in their current jobs but still have unfulfilled passions on the side that they want to dip their toes into. The difference between a side hustle and a hobby: You may enjoy both but a side hustle/job/gig makes you $$$.  So how do you make money doing what you are passionate about?

1. Let's start with those who like their job. The easy folks.

Trying out your passion project is way less pressure. You have to really want it b/c you're working 40+ hours a week already BUT you don't have as much financial pressure so you can really test things out. You'll likely want to find ways of passive income since you can't physically be there as you're tied to your day job. Passive income can be sales through places like Etsy, Shopify account on a site you created, etc. This would be more for products you sell or it could even be services like event coordination on the weekends. Maybe it is the life/health coaching you do via phone or Skype during your lunch break.

2. Then there are those who want to leave their jobs.

Just like the above group, you need to hustle and work the hours you aren't at your day job...or get a bit done at the office like I always use to;) The good thing about hating your current situation is it lights a fire to propel you forward. You'll want to try a number of little ways to bring in income. Maybe you're designing art and you have a knack for re-selling fashion. So you sell items on Etsy, your social media, your online website you created, Ebay, Clothing facebook pages, etc. You setup vendor spots at art fairs on summer weekends or even farmers markets. You host an art workshop twice a year and see how that goes over.

For either category, start by mapping out a plan of options. (You'll also notice that if you don't feel like putting in the work and funds, this probably isn't meant for you and keep it to just a fun side hobby.)

Then narrow those options down. If you value family time and your weekends are your only time with them, maybe you don't want to spend them working a vendor booth at some festival so you really hit Etsy hard to allow you that freedom. OR maybe you thrive by being around people face to face so you nix Etsy and go after as many in-person events as possible. Then it's just a trial and error and taking the appropriate time to grow your area of focus. I like to bring in money from all directions but have a focus.

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