On Getting your Mind Right


“Some people just don’t take care of their minds!” –said my massage gal this week.

This instantly made me laugh but also made complete sense to me. Here’s a little story.

The year prior to starting The Beauty Boost I told myself I was going to do a mental cleanse for an entire year. This meant zero negative talk, surrounding myself with positive people, reframing certain things I’d been telling myself and watching a shit ton of Marie Forleo who provides amazing free content.

Everyday I would watch at least one small video or listen to Marie’s podcast or one of the people she’d interview, etc.

Essentially, I was getting my mind “right.” We take a lot of planning for working out and deciding what healthy foods to eat but we often neglect to pause and think about what we’re THINKING about.

Our thoughts affect everything. They shape and mold our actions and our actions are how we live our lives.

Something to THINK about…

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost