Goals with Souls..An Overview


I went to an event the other night at Haven Collective called Goals with Souls led by Victoria Strelnikova.

Here is what we did that you can also do (I still gotta complete this exercise).

These are the areas you'll set goals in but feel free to tweak them:

  • physical wellness

  • mental wellness

  • relationships

  • Faith/God/Etc

  • Career

  • Finance

  • Purpose/Mission

Step 1: Reflect on the past year. Where you came from. How you got to where you are.

Step 2: Pick one of the areas such as physical wellness and write how you feel you're doing with it IN THE NOW.

Step 3: Visualize. Visualize how you'd like to feel in the now within that certain area.

Step 4: Write an "I am" statement.

Step 5: Do this for all of the areas and use your I am statements for the entire year. Put them in your wallet, on your mirror etc.

I heard Victoria say this and really liked it: "Our body signals if we're in alignment with what we want and who we are." 

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost