Have You Made Your Summer Bucket List?

summer bucket list

Hey girl!

I was chatting with another friend/business owner about how we’re both feeling a little run down lately and we need more FUN in our lives sooo this prompted me to write out a mini summer bucketlist for myself which I suggest you do as well! Don’t let the summer “pass you by.” 

Here are some ideas I put on my list:

1. Clintonville Farmers Market…I literally missed this almost every weekend last year. I’m sure you have farmers markets in your area too (bonus: most are pet friendly)

2. Community Garage Sales. I freaking love garage sales as we all know I’m VERY cheap and it’s just fun. Google community garage sales in your area. 

3. Hiking at Hocking Hills (or some new spots I can find)

4. Weekend trip to Pittsburgh to see Erin Cappiccie (my childhood friend)

5. Hit up a cheap baseball game and maybe a country concert if I can find a good one!

XO Rachel- The Beauty Boost

PS Write me back what’s on your list:)

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