"Her Story" by Katherine Rumley


Hey girl!

This week we're sharing the inspirational story of the gal that's been feeding Columbus: Katherine Rumley! 

Check out how she started, a day in her life, and more below!

About me and what I do:

Hi my name is Kat! I've moved back to Columbus from Los Angeles, CA a few years ago and am loving the cozy community vibe. Don't get me wrong, there are days where I dream about eating ahi tuna tacos on Venice beach while sipping a spicy margarita, but the tight-knit community of empowering boss babes in Columbus beats that any day!  I love going on runs with my mini Husky, Luna. We're basically bff. I also love SOS Grandview for a good sweat sesh. If I'm not there or working, you can probably find me sipping on wine or an aperol spritz somewhere around Grandview/Short North with friends. I'm in love with food and believe there should be no limitations on what you eat! I own Luxe & Lemons, a meal delivery and catering service where we craft healthy whole-food versions of classic cheat meals. Healthy food should be FUN! Baked chicken, steamed broccoli, and brown rice is so 2018, am I right?!Food is medicine, and I firmly believe that the KEY in sticking to a healthy lifestyle is being excited about what's on your plate. On our February menu, you can find all sort of goodness from triple chocolate protein truffles, to melt in your mouth broccoli Alfredo and buffalo stuffed loaded sweet potatoes.

How did you get started? What struggles have you had?

Okay, I'm all about transparency so I'll be honest. I started in my kitchen at home--speakeasy style. My friends pushed me down the metaphorical slide (that push so many of us need), and I started meal prepping for them. I thought it'd be fun to put labels with the Luxe & Lemons logo on their containers (it's all about the experience, yano?), and what ended up happening changed my life. Co-workers in the break rooms at their workplaces and friends on Instagram would ask where they bought their lunch from, and how they could buy some. Slowly but surely, one referral after another, it grew, and it grew fast. I moved into a commercial kitchen in Grandview, registered as an official business with the state, figured out the legal logistics, got all the certifications, and now here we are! Moral to this story is there will never be the perfect or right way to make your dreams a reality, and anyone who tells you that is too afraid to share their real story with you. I wish more people would tell us that. If you're googling everything like it's a second job, you're doing it exactly how everyone else is. What struggles I've had. Geesh...a ton. I think the biggest struggle would be balancing my full-time corporate job WHILE building up Luxe & Lemons, 100% bootstrap-style, with nothing but a google search bar and a love for food. I'm not going to lie...it took A LOT of 16...sometimes 18 hour days. I didn't have a day off for the first 5 months, nor did I sleep in. But the beauty in it is I'm always doing what I love. I LOVE to cook and develop new recipes. There are little moments sprinkled in, like when we defied the odds and made an In & Out burger healthy (yes...the animal sauce too), that make it all worth it. Another struggle that no one tells you about is that 

you do feel like your falling on your face a lot

 in the beginning, but it's TOTALLY a good thing. It strengthens you and builds you up to be resilient, which is a major requirement for being a business owner.

What does a day in your working life look like?

Okay, I'm going to get REAL specific here, because committing to a healthy morning ritual is the key to sticking to the pursuit.A day in my life looks a little something like this:Wake up after a minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep. 

And not touch my phone for the first hour of my day.

 I chug a water that I keep on my nightstand to help wake me up and give my pup some lovin'. Then I head straight for coffee, not going to lie on that one. I make a point to drink coffee from a mug (it feels more present), and then I write the following three lists.1. What I'm grateful for.2. What I want.3. What I need to get done today.Every. Day.I know, you're thinking...come on. But seriously by doing this everyday, I stick to my vision and I stay focused on the bigger picture. Writing my gratitude list reminds me of all the abundance in my life, even on days when it may not feel like there's much. Then my list of what I want (oceanfront beach house, 7 goldendoodles, a big family, travel the world, a convertible, facials and massages allllll the time) keeps me motivated to keep pushing through when the going gets tough. My to-do list holds me accountable to get sh*t done. You have to execute tasks in order to stay motivated. One cannot exist without the other.Okay, then, I listen to a bomb ass podcast. Either on my way to the gym, or if no gym that day, during a shower. Always has to be something motivational. Ed Mylett is my FAVE. I also love The Skinny Confidential and Rachel Hollis RISE. From there it's pretty much sitting on my laptop working or designing, running from meeting to meeting. OR cooking meal prep/catering and developing new recipes.

What advice would you give someone interested in this field?

It's never going to be easy. It will ALWAYS be challenging. BUT the difference is that you will love every minute of it. It will be the most rewarding thing in your life. Stick to a morning routine. Get good sleep. HAVE FUN. I worked for Cameron Mitchel for years and he would continually tell us, if you're not having fun, 

stop what you're doing and figure out what it is you need to do in order to have fun.

Also, be present. In everything you do. When you're cooking, your cooking. You will get to the emails later, and vise versa.OH! One other thing, always prioritize your community. They are the ONLY reason you are in business. Tell them how much you appreciate them. Send them love notes. Give them coupons. Surprise them from time to time with an extra coffee cake. Hug them when you see them. Ask them how they're doing. Seriously, they are the glue to the bigger vision. Even though so much of it is about you, it's about them more.And on days when it all feels hopeless, tell yourself, "You did not come this far, to only come this far." You got this sister, I believe in you!

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