"Her Story" by Malinda Hill


Hey girl!

This week we're sharing the fun story of one bubbly soul who spreads her positivity wherever she goes and is ALL about that Side Hustle: Malinda Hill!

Check out how she makes side money, her tips + tricks and more below!

About me and what I do:

Hi I’m MaLinda!  Born and raised in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, I moved to Columbus in 2003 to finish my education and be closer to my then boyfriend now husband.  I married my soulmate in 2009 (we met in kindergarten so yeah it’s one of ‘those’ stories) and we are going to celebrate our ten year anniversary in Aruba!  I’m a high energy, positive, on the go individual who can find the humor in everything!  I have two 17 year old fur babies but if I were single I’d probably have at least 5 special needs fur kids!  My husband is the brakes and I’m the gas so when I tell him stories of how I’d like to quit my day job, run my nail empire and rescue animals that no one wants he brings me back to reality. I LOVE food, fitness, family, fur babies, inspiring others and making new friends!  I’m obsessed with true crime documentaries, Orangetheory Fitness, and all the crime podcasts!  I run my own dry nail polish empire and it is fun, FuN, and more FUN!  I think that every woman has their own fair share of negative self-talk in their life and that can be hard to get away from.  Small confidence builders are SO important to leading to big positive changes!  Sometimes something as small as having pretty polished nails can make you feel better.  I know if I’m a hot mess that day at least my nails look good right?  I was mean to myself for way too long at a certain part of my life!  Well I shut that garbage off and started telling myself positive things!  Now I’m not scared to toot my own horn and you shouldn’t be either! 

How did you get started? What struggles have you had?

My love of nails goes WAY back!  I legit used to glue on those long claw style tips with super glue (you guys OMG super glue!) and then file them down a tiny smidge, paint them, wait for them to dry, put the embellishments on them, top coat them x100 and finally they were ready.  This was at least a two hour process!  I didn’t care that I couldn’t do anything with my hands the entire weekend my nails were amazing!   My friend put up a post on social media asking if anyone wanted to try dry nail polish; I was like heck yeah!  I watched a video, put my sample on and the rest is history! I think the real struggle when starting any new business venture is getting your name out to the masses!  I think you have to be a very confident person, be comfortable in your own skin and be prepared for folks to question you as to why your product or company is better than others.  I think that work life balance is SO important when you start a new business because it saves you from spending TOO much time in one place.  If I need a break from my day job I take some vacation time even if it’s just to be home by myself and spend time with my fur kids binge watching a show.  When I need a break from my nail biz or the gym I do the same thing.  Listening to your mind, body and soul are KEY critical to your survival!   

What does a day in your working life look like?

I work my real job from 730-4, I work out at OTF 2-3x a week, then home to snuggle my fur babies and the hubs!  Some nights I have nail bar parties which are super fun and help me interact with new people!  I’m also invited to do in home one hour nail bars or vendor events.  Otherwise you can catch me watching true crime shows until my eyes water or listening to true crime podcasts, weight management podcasts, or inspirational podcasts!   

What advice would you give someone interested in this field?

Let’s chat before you decide to take on a business like this.  It’s a lot of work but its simple work!  Growth takes time and it’s on purpose!  That the best advice I’ve gotten from a fellow dry nail polish queen!  This applies to all aspects of my life.  It reminds me that I may not be where I want to be in life, my fitness journey, and my business but I am there for a reason and it serves as a stepping stone for the next adventure!   

Any Last Comments:

Glitter is my spirit animal!  If I could leave a trail of glitter everywhere I go I would! HA!

Check out her site here: https://www.mycolorstreet.com/POLISHEDBYMALINDA/

Check out her IG here: https://www.instagram.com/polishedbymalinda

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