"Her Story" by Nellie Corriveau


Hey girl!

This week we're sharing the story of a gal I've known for years. She's coached at our retreat getaways and is always all smiles + positivity. I literally don't know how she does all she does! Meet Nellie Corriveau!

About me and what I do:

I focus on unleashing the sparkle within other women to truly figure how to live their happiest and healthiest lives through life & business transformational coaching. My mission is to positively impact as many lives as possible and have fun doing it. I live in Columbus, Ohio with my husband and one year old daughter, Emma. We have a grumpy 4 pound toy poodle too.  Before coaching other women, I built the nonprofit organization Nellie’s Champions for Kids (NC4K) from the ground up at age 16 years old. Over the past decade NC4K has focused on directly supporting pediatric cancer families both financially and emotionally. NC4K has supported thousands of families and has raised over 3 million dollars. I now serves as a volunteer and sit on the board of directors. I'm one of the youngest women with the 40 under 40 award and have been featured in Glamour Magazine. I love connecting with other leaders to help support their vision! 

How did you get started? What struggles have you had?

 At my core I have always loved supporting other people. It’s in my blood and what brings my a lot of joy. I started over 3 years ago with a day long retreat along with going through my own transformational journey. I use to be that girl that worked 80 hours a week, 40 pounds heavier, didn’t take care of her body or put her marriage first. One of my biggest struggles has been feeling like I need to be perfect and have my shit together to coach others. And what I found was others loved me being vulnerable and authentic with them. The journey of life is beauitful and messy and that is okay. Another struggle is now balancing all the opportunities coming at me while chasing a toddler around and I have just had to be really smart with my time and also know it’s okay to ask for help. 

What does a day in your working life look like?

OH BOY! That is a fun question! I have found creating themes in my day makes me the most successful and also knowing to give myself grace when I need to shift. Monday is my admin day, Tuesday is focused on my clients and checking in with them, Wednesday is my goal and learning day, Thursday is my kid free day so it’s packed full with meetings and selfcare for me and then Friday is my joy day with my daughter and closing out the week as much as possible. I am far from perfect and some weeks I over-schedule myself and learn but this helps keep me in check.   

What advice would you give someone interested in this field?

Don’t wait and start taking action. Too many people wait until the perfect moment and it doesn’t exist. I am a way better coach today than I was 3 years ago because I put myself out there when I wasn’t “ready”. Take action today as you’re reading this and let me know how I can support you! 

Any Last Comments/Things We Should Know:

I love fashion, make-up, running, organizing and just being surrounded with amazing people working to make the world a better place. Also, I'm planning The Be Inspired Event on May 2nd and would love to have you there! Link: www.thebeinspiredevent.com

Check out her site here: https://www.positivelyyoucoaching.com/

Check out her IG here: @nellie.corriveau

XO Rachel- The Beauty Boost