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This week we're featuring Nina + Liz of The Finding your Shine Podcast! Read on and be sure to snag a ticket to their upcoming event in September!! 

Tell us about yourselves and how the podcast started.
The Finding Your Shine Podcast is made up of BFF-duo Nina Boyce (Hormone & Anxiety Coach) and Liz Garster (Marketing consultant by day and soon-to-be intuitive eating coach side hustler!). 

Like all of life's best things, we started over a glass of wine in the summer of 2016. We found ourselves chatting about the usual things - life, love, spirituality, health, and wondered, "If we're trying to figure out all this stuff, surely other 20 and 30-somethings are, too, right?" From there, the Wine and Shine podcast was born: two best friends interviewing cool people over a glass of wine. A few years later after we realized we cared a lot more about empowering our female listeners than drinking wine (and tbh, we kept forgetting to grab a bottle before recording!), we rebranded to the Finding Your Shine Podcast. 

What kind of people do you have on your show? 
For us, we reject the idea that wellness is limited to drinking green juice on a yoga mat (though we wouldn't say no to either of those things!). We also reject the idea that wellness has a certain "look." We believe wellness can show up as anything from making peace with your body, to managing stress and hormonal imbalances, to even bringing mindfulness into money management. On our show, you'll find health coaches, physicians, clean beauty experts, financial experts, food bloggers...you name it, we've PROBABLY covered it with a holistic spin. 

What have you learned through podcasting? 
It didn't take many interviews for us to see a pattern with the women we interviewed. They had an internal struggle, they turned to their support system (and themselves!) to work through it, and once they came out stronger on the other side, they felt compelled to share their story with others. We've seen the power of women supporting women in action, and it's changed us. Not only that, but it's empowered us to share our personal stories even more!

So you've had a podcast for over three years...what's next for the two of you? 
We are BEYOND excited for our first BIG event in Columbus happening on September 21. It's called Empowered Voice, and it's an all-day conference for women who either own a wellness business, have a wellness platform, or are just looking to learn more and share their voice in the wellness space. We're bringing together some of the country's top women (special shoutout to Ohio locals Allie Lehman and Simi Botic, woot woot!) to provide breakout and keynote sessions on cultivating and sharing your authentic story, self-care while juggling multiple projects, EVEN how to make sure you're "legally legit" in sharing your message - be it in person or online. There will also be lunch provided by REBol, wellness swag bags, and an unofficial happy hour to connect with other women!

What do you hope this event brings to attendees?
The inspiring women we've interviewed all started somewhere. They had a story they felt like they needed to share and someone or something pushed them to be brave and vulnerable enough to speak up. To think about the impact of 200 women honing in on their OWN journeys and finding the courage and motivation to put those stories out in the world is unbelievable. If there's anything we hope our attendees walk away with, it's how to find (and share!) their shine. <3 

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