Holy Mother Overload of a Schedule


Hey girl!

If you've felt like me lately it feels like your schedule is attacking your life. You have no control and are an innocent bystander in the craziness.

On a positive, a lot of fun happenings have been presenting themselves to me and of course I want to say YES to them all. I want to say yes to teaching new fitness classes, yes to dinner n drinks with friends, yes to all of the workouts n workshops, yes to girlfriend gatherings and so on but my personal health is on major OVERLOAD.I

t's been too much eating out. Too many nights where drinks are offered and I say yes. Too much cramming thing after thing and not ENOUGH rest, awareness, yoga, morning walks with Stuart and so on.

THE BEAUTY BOOST: "Less Do. More Be."

My friend Nina, co-creator of Wine & Shine podcast AND owner of Nourished with Nina wrote this IG post this week which I friggin loved!

She said, "I used to live my life on hyper-speed. Moving so quickly and filling my days with so many things that I never had a chance to just BE. To sit and and tune-in to the messages my body was sending me to slow down. Until ... my body literally stopped me in my tracks and FORCED me to make some changes. I had no choice!

Even now, I LOVE filling my days with a ton of activities, but this time I know when it’s time to hit the pause button. Getting in my yoga, journaling, and meditation are all non-negotiable items on my to-do list. They balance out my high energy and that’s the big piece that was missing before. I needed a dose of yin energy to compliment all the yang!"

Can you relate?! I sure can. Follow her IG: @NourishedwithNina

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost