How I Quit my Job + A Day in the Life


The reason we stay on the journey we do is because of comfort and because we feel stuck. Coaching has been growing lately and the main question I’m asked is, “How did you get started?”I think people have this glamorous idea of entrepreneurs sitting poolside drinking margaritas and after knowing my own life and speaking with tons of others, that’s not really the case. Like, at all. It’s a lot of hustling. Below is my story, a sample look into a day of my life and hopefully this encourages you in some form or fashion to realize you don’t have to have it all together. You don’t need to entirely know what you’re doing. You just have to start.

The Beauty Boost Story

:I was essentially going through my days knowing this wasn’t the life for me. I HATED sitting at a desk all day and not having freedom or flexibility in my schedule. I hated knowing I could get my work done remotely but that I was tied to this physical office and this schedule. The work I was doing was okay but I wasn’t passionate about it. One day my friend Kim White posted that she was looking for a pro bono coaching client. I love all things free so I immediately messaged her. From there, we began meeting weekly at a coffee shop diving into questions I’d never dared dreamt of. She helped me create my passions around an idea that would turn into my business. I also went to B school (a 6 week online course by Marie Forleo). I then got my 200YTT yoga teacher training. After that I created my FB and IG pages and hired someone to do my website. I didn’t have it all together and I still do not.

This began as a side hobby but I quickly saw how much women needed these services and how much it was truly changing and helping them. Everything was selling out and I realized I’d stumbled upon something great.

I was working a part-time/full-time job, teaching fitness and had a couple of freelance jobs on the side. I was becoming miserable at my part-time/full-time job and wasn’t able to keep a lot of studios on b/c I was traveling so much for work but the pay was good and it had full benefits, vacation etc. But, I was miserable and eventually that caught up with me.

I then took a job for a fraction of the pay to wiggle out of my job. I began building up my freelance work which I could do remotely and growing my yoga teaching again. Then I started to become miserable at this new job. Things went South quickly because, again, I’m not really cut out for an office and set hours so I looked at my finances, realized what I needed to make per week and realized I could do that (barely) with my freelance work and with teaching. I figured worst case scenario I can find a random job if I need to but this is the time.

So now, I am working to grow The Beauty Boost and help women create change in their life to feel more empowered, healthy and beautiful. I have two freelance jobs and teach 10 times per week.

A day in my life can look like this:

Monday: 6am wake up and create my two classes for the day

7am: Eat breakfast, inhale coffee and take Stuart the Hound out for a mini walk.

8am: Drop Stuart off at the ONLY doggie daycare he hasn’t been kicked out of

8:40am: Get to studio to open and scan all three of my emails for any red flags930-1030am: Teach heated yoga at Melt Hot Fitness Dublin

10:35am: Jump on a weekly conference call for freelance job #1

10:35am: While everyones chit chatting about their mornings I throw my phone on speaker and quickly shower at the studio;)

11:30am: Call ends and I drive home or to a coffee shop to work on freelance job #2

12pm-2pm: Work on both freelance jobs and go pickup Stuart to pay the half day rate

2pm-3:50pm: Work on more freelance, check The Beauty Boost emails, do social posts

3:50: Leave to open Mat Happy Yoga teach Pilates/Yoga Fusion (take laptop to continue working)

4:45pm-5:30pm: Teach Class

6pm: Home, eat dinner, dabble in more work, enter hours, play with my dog, maybe meet friends for dinner/drinks.

So you get the idea.

 Some days I have much more time because I’m not teaching and maybe I do work from the pool or my grandmas house back home. Some days I dive in heavily to The Beauty Boost but some days I have no time at all for it. It's a give and take and a full time hustle but I am 1,000 times happier and encourage anyone feeling stuck to reach out.

If you want to set up a coaching session, email me anytime:

 Good luck!

XO Rachel - The Beauty Boost