How to Find your Focus


This is going to be real real simple.

To become more focused you have to be more organized to know what you need to focus on each week. So here are three simple things you can do.

  1. Get your 2018 agenda book or online calendar set and plug in the things you know you have for the month ahead such as meetings, trips etc. (for me I use a hand written agenda book)

  2. At the beginning of each month make a list of the things you want to accomplish personally and professionally. (for me this is things like: sell 50 tickets to X event, book a retreat venue, etc)

  3. Every Sunday, look at the week ahead and create one FOCUSED LIST OF 4 THINGS. Just four. (for me I use a post-it and plug it to my planner).Sometimes the simplest of things can be game changers. <3

The Beauty Boost: "Stay Focused on Being Focused."

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost

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