How to Get it ALL Done


Happy Monday,

The title of this email "How to get it ALL done?" The answer: You Can't. Sorry--you were probably looking for some special sauce secret. Oprah has the saying, "You can have it all but not all at the same time." I know some people disagree with this but I really think it's true. Rachel Hollis writes about it in a similar way in her latest book, "Girl Wash Your Face."

We can have solid friendships, thriving careers, loving spouse, kids, passion projects and on but we can't put 100% effort into it ALL  at the same time. Something has to take the back burner and suffer a bit. So just figure out what you need to focus on right now or this season of your life.

For me it's growing this company because it's what I feel is needed. I feel that women need a space to feel empowered, healthy and beautiful and that it's my "calling" to provide these experiences.

I like to think I still have a pretty solid social life but I'm definitely not able to make it out with friends for late nights as much as I'd like. I totally want kids but not for a couple years as I set the foundation for TBB.

It can be a relief to know we don't have to keep up with it all, giving all our energy and effort into everything or then it all fails and we aren't able to laser focus and do that one thing amazingly. Catch my drift?

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost