How to Plan your Future like a Boss


Hey girl!

This advice is so simple it's stupid..but yet so effective.

I was in my car listening to this podcast and they basically said: when we do certain things, certain things are likely to follow. Example: You see a friends marriage falling apart. She feels disconnected from her husband. She starts working closely with an attractive guy at work. They start to work late nights. You can kinda see how this STORY might unravel into an emotional or physical affair.

Because when we do certain things, we can usually predict the story.

Side Note: I do know we can plan and plan but ultimately it's up to God or however the world wants to play it out BUT we can prep our lives for success as best we can.

SO QUESTION and something to ponder. Are things not going well in a certain area of your life? Are you just creating the same patterns, doing the same things day to day but wanting it to change.

Maybe you want to feel more energetic + happier and know you need to eat well and workout but day after day you find yourself not buying healthy food and running through the drive through. You stay up late so you sleep in every morning skipping your workout and you feel like garbage.

You have to do certain things SO THAT certain things are likely to follow.

Food for thought <3

Haley Guggenheim