I Can't Believe No One Raised their Hand to This..


Hey girl!

I was kindly asked to be on a panel with some cool women for the She Radiates event at Haven Collective recently. Yiema, who led the event, asked the audience various questions and they would raise their hands if it applied to them. NOW, she asked something along the lines of, "Who is content in their job?" NO ONE of about 40ish women raised their hands. 

I think that's so sad and so common. There are so many people dabbling in side jobs, passion projects etc which is great but I know it can also be very overwhelming if you don't know what that SOMETHING is. Where do you start? How do you make it profitable? When do you quit your real job and really go for it? 

The next few Mondays we'll be sharing some women's stories that'll touch on this. The most helpful thing for me when feeling stuck in my life was working with a coach. I worked with a life coach, Kim White, who is actually our coach for the Winter Retreat coming up Feb 22-24 and she drastically helped me. Now I work with a business coach, Melissa, owner of Haven Collective and she's drastically helping me. 

If you want to schedule a call or just want some suggested resources, shoot me an email to rachel@thebeautyboost.net <3

XO Rachel- The Beauty Boost