Intention Setting May Change Your Life?


This isn't a Woo Woo email. But do you think setting an intention can change YOUR life?

Going into your day/week/life WITHOUT an intention is like getting in your car with no direction. We often let time just escape us and then we're in the same boat we were 6 months ago without moving forward. We essentially just "go through the motions" of life.

When you set an intention, there is power behind it. You're putting out there where you intend to direct your focus, your attention and your actions.

THE BEAUTY BOOST: "Our intention creates our reality."

"What should my intention be?" you ask.

Step 1: Start by digging deep and not just throwing things on a list. An intention could be to bring in more love to your life. It could be to have a great meeting with your boss. It could be to take each task at a slower pace this week.

Step 2: Create your one sentence intention and repeat this to yourself every morning and find time to sprinkle it in within your day as well.

Step 3: Be grateful within your intention setting or you'll be in a constant sate of just wanting. Try to find the peace or gratitude in your life.

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost