Is your Schedule Normal?

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Sometimes I look at my week and think Holy Shit. Where is the time for living? Is this normal? Am I too scheduled? Do most people work this much or am I working too little? What is NORMAL?There's no right answer here but if you are feeling rushed from thing to thing then check out what you can leave behind.Here's a little story. I went out on my own leaving a corporate job recently. I now have two freelance jobs because I need to pay my bills and am working to build up The Beauty Boost. However, my Mondays feel nuts. I wake up, put together my yoga classes, walk my dog, inhale my breakfast and grab my to go coffee. I rush to get to the studio by 8:45am to open and teach class. It's heated so I'm disgusting after and I stick around to close up. I typically hop on a conference call for one of my freelance jobs right as class ends. I always bring my laptop along and take my notes of all the shit I have to get done via that call. Then I drive home so it's now about 11:45am. I hop on a call with my second freelance job and again, make a list of all the shit I need to get done via that call. During this call I'm making my second breakfast/lunch and inhaling food. At this time it's about 12:45pm and I have to go grab Stuart the hound from daycare. From 1pm-3:45pm I work on freelance, take Stu to poddy, eat some more and then head to studio #2 to open and teach. This puts me at 5:30pmand I've barely had any time for my own work and I definitely haven't worked out yet. It's a miracle in heaven if I've even showered. I likely get home by 6pmand walk my dog, eat dinner then work on The Beauty Boost stuff until 9pm or so. Every day isn't like this but most are pretty packed.So I took my own advice and looked at where I can let a couple things go such as an evening class where I'm stuck in rush hour traffic causing me an hour drive and not worth the time. I also am looking at letting go of a weekend class to free up my weekends more.Take a look at your own life and see, if you need to, where you can make some changes. Good luck!The Beauty Boost: "Focus on the Process, not the Outcome."XO Rachel-The Beauty BoostCOMING UP:*A Taste of Fitness Sampler #2: June 11 10am-11:30am. Limited to 120 spots.*The Summer Retreat Getaway: August 18-20. Hocking Hills. Limited to 20 spots. *Summer Paddle Board Series is Here! June 4th. Grab it while it's hot.*1 on 1 Empowerment Sessions. Email for details & to book.