Life Balance in 4 Easy Steps

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Life Balance.What does that mean anymore? Our culture seems to think it means working your normal “day job” and then returning home to answer emails, take calls, and on. Where is the off switch? We are expected to be “on call” 24/7. A coworker once said, “You’ll never look back and wish you’d worked more.” While your version of life balance may be very different from your coworker, friend, or mother, it’s important to define what balance means to you and then work to achieve that in the midst of our crazy schedules.

 The good news? There are steps we can take to achieve the life we want. The key is to not overwhelm ourselves with where to start but focus on the small changes one step at a time.

1) Schedule in YOU Time

You know that eating right, working out and sleeping eight hours all lead to good health. But how often do you think about grabbing coffee with friends, going to a movie with your man, and shopping with your mom as factors for great health? Well you should. Studies have shown that saying yes to the above drastically cut cortisol, our stress hormone, and help us to relax and slow down. This can also be time spent by yourself catching up on magazines, Netflix, or a little DIY spa time.Tip: Look at the month ahead and pencil in WHEN you’re going to schedule this nonnegotiable time each week.

2) Drop it Like it’s Hot

Stop wasting your time on activities that have no value. Drop tasks that don’t advance your career or personal life. For me, this meant cutting back on some side work that wasn’t really serving me for the future I wanted. They weren’t bad jobs or tasks, but they had no real point besides some extra income. In the end, I realized they were draining me more than they were adding to my bank account.Tip: Think about tasks that energize you and make another mental list of those that drain you. What can you realistically cut out?

3) Goodbye Toxins

No, I’m not talking food here. We all know those people that are constantly negative, gossiping and just bring us down. Cut them out of your life…like yesterday. This may be easier said than done but try your best to minimize your time with these energy suckers.Tip: Think about surrounding yourself with people that leave you feeling inspired and refreshed.

4) Own your Day

What errands or daily tasks can you outsource or get done more efficiently? Here are just some examples:*Sign up for auto pay on all bills*Order stamps online*Freeze your meals each week*Hire an intern*Long commute? Spend that time catching up with your parents or friends*Cut out meetings and appointments you don’t really need*Cut back on social media*Consolidate your errands (carve out an hour to go to the grocery store, bank, pharmacy all in one)

Focus on ONE of the above each week or choose the one that speaks to you the most and start there. Have some life balance tips of your own? Share them in the comment section below!

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