Living Like 5% of the World


Hey girl!

I have been listening to a crap load of Robin Sharma (best selling author, public speaker etc). 

One BIG thing he speaks on is if you want to do amazing things in this lifetime, you have to stop living like 95% of everyone else and be in the 5%. 

Robin talks about how most of us "drift along" and let life happen to us. That 95% of us are more pleasure seekers and stay in our comfort zone. The leaders, people that disrupt change, GET UNCOMFORTABLE. There's just no way around it. 95% of us are also pretty bored and we seek distraction. In order to create change, we need to be able to answer some important questions that most of us, RIGHT NOW, would answer "I DON'T KNOW." So take about an hour and start thinking. Put pen to paper.

1. What are your core values? What do you value in life? 

2. What do you stand for? 

3. What makes you get out of bed with excitement? 

4. Are you filling your scheduling being busy or being focused? 

Robin says, "Divorce yourself from the majority." And this all comes with sacrifice, of course. To have results, you gotta do what only 5% of the population is willing to do. It takes effort, saying no to past things and even friends, sweat, uncomfortableness and the whole shabang. 

To see his full episode on your next morning commute or dog walk, click here. 

XO Rachel- The Beauty Boost