Lululemon, Dirty Feet + Surviving Outside your Comfort Zone


I’m a yoga girl, an introvert, and let’s be honest, a bit lazy. This makes going to a gym or even yoga classes really hard.We all like our comfort zone, right? I do! And I also like to have clean feet. What? Yeah. It’s one of my things. I hate dirty feet.

 Last Saturday, I broke all of those wide open and I loved it! Let’s start at the beginning. Back in January, I committed to myself to go to Lululemon’s Saturday community yoga classes every week. I love learning from different teachers, and the space is really cool. Plus, it’s free! I skipped a couple weeks, but last Saturday, I got up early, got my yoga gear together and headed to class. It was still a little chilly, so I wore my warm socks and boots.

 As I walked up, I peeked through the windows and saw everyone standing in a circle. There were no yoga mats. “Why are there no yoga mats?” I thought as I spun on my heels, about to head home. They must be doing a different class today. Cool. I’ve done some other yoga fusion classes before. This could be fun.

I proceeded to the door and was greeted by one of the lovely Lulu ladies. She said we’re doing a “body weight bootcamp.”

 Using my own body weight? Yeah, I can do that. But I don’t have shoes. She offered me some spare shoes, but there are 2 problems: I have a minor (ok, major) phobia about sharing shoes, especially barefoot, and I only had my warm winter socks. Overheated in someone else’s shoes? No way! Other people were doing it barefoot. I’ll do it barefoot too. So I joined the circle and started the sweat.

We did a bunch of horrible things like pushups, running, side shuffling, crunches, you know… moving our bodies in different ways. Oh, and there were burpees. Remember that lazy girl from the beginning of the story? She did burps! Then our fearless leaders put us in groups of four for relay matches. This is where it got fun. Did I say fun? I mean scary.

Alright, it was fun! We had to crabcrawl or a bear walk to the end of the store and back while our teammates waited in Goddess Squat and cheered us on. Then we did a burpee and a jump to the end of the store and back. Hint: If you could jump really far, you didn’t have to do as many burpees! My little legs made me do at least four burpees down and four back to my team. One girl on my team was a long-jumper. She could get down and back in just two jumps!

But we were all cheering each other on! We cheered for people on other teams! I barely noticed that my legs were jelly. My feet didn’t hurt at all.

We wrapped up with some more circle jogging and cool-down stretches. As we guzzled our water and packed up our stuff, we talked to each other. We complimented each other on how awesome we did. You did it girl! You survived! You’re awesome! Good job… you deserve a new scarf! So this is what group classes are like? You bond with each other. Celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Encourage each other to come back.

 I love doing yoga with my cat, but I have to admit, I felt really nourished, inspired, and motivated by that bootcamp.

I may not be able to use my legs all week and my feet were filthy, but my heart is stronger and I am grateful for that.

 Written by Terra Milo <3

Terra Milo is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, author and founder of the Simple Life Academy. She helps stressed out, overwhelmed, help-everyone-else-first women simplify their life and their health so they can experience confident energy, feel less stressed, and achieve peace and vitality. Learn more about Terra and the Simple Life Academy at Her new book, Meal Planning Made Simple, will help you plan healthy food and shop with confidence. Get yours at
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