How to Make the Right Decisions


When I returned from Bali two of my main freelance clients came to an end. One wanted me to be full-time which I couldn't commit to and the other had their event season come to an end.

My point is this was my main income and my first inclination was to hurry up and fill my schedule with something because I was nervous. But for months I've been telling myself I am too busy and I need to drop things off my schedule that don't meet my long-term goal.

So instead of just taking on old habits and diving right into something/anything I hit a pause. I am giving myself a deadline to work on sorting things out to make better and clearer decisions.

The Beauty Boost: "It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are." 

My most recent coaching client said it perfectly when she said, "And a lot of times what would make me happier and what is the "smarter" decision aren't the same.

So how to make the right decisions?

There's no one set answer but taking TIME to stop. To think. To ask yourself the questions. To ask yourself WHY.

So simple yet we often just rush into decision after decision.

XO Rachel - The Beauty Boost

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