On Making Overwhelming Choices


Our lives can go in so many directions. It can literally make us feel crazy.

What's the right choice? What's wrong?

From choosing a career where you're managing a team hustling and bustling earning a steady paycheck to working part-time from your home office and some random gig on the side. From deciding to marry that boy and have kids early to living the single life or just maintaining a relationship of child freedom.

Sometimes the choices we have and which direction to go are SO overwhelming. Sometimes it can also feel like we don't have any choices...our path is painted out in front of us.

The only thing we can do with all of this is to make the best decisions for us at the time, knowing we learn from mistakes and wrong choices. That every path teaches us something. That we meet people along the way that impact us in some way hopefully for the better.

The Beauty Boost: "Grow through what you Go through."

I struggle with what the RIGHT choice is often but I find getting quiet whether it's a walk with my dog, mini meditation, praying, yoga flow practice or writing is helpful.

In the end, we can receive advice from friends and family all day long but we have to listen to our own selves for that end decision, clearing away the clutter and distractions of others.

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost