Making the Right Decision Every Time


Today's post comes directly from my favorite virtual mentor, Marie Forleo. I think these 4 steps are awesome and as she states, will help you make the RIGHT decision every time. It's hard to know if we're just anxious because the decision scares us OR if it's our intuition trying to steer us in a different direction. So here they are: 

  1. Physical Test. Imagine your scenario and see how your body feels? Example: I failed this one. I felt restricted and tight in my chest.

  2. WCS. Worst Case Scenario. Think about whats the worst case and could you surpass it? Would it ruin things for you? Example: I passed this one.

  3. BCS. Best Case Scenario. Pretty self explanatory but whats the best case that could result from this? Is it huge? Is it worth the leap? Example: For me yes. It's worth finding out.

  4. The Work It Test. How can you test out your decision on a mini scale prior to taking the leap? Marie gives the example of wanting to move to Sicily. Instead of just up and moving she would test out the city by renting a place for 3 weeks and immersing herself there.

 Grab the full video:

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost