3 Coaching Tips when Stuck


Hey Girl!

We all get stuck. Sometimes majorly stuck and sometimes just a little sticky. It's normal. 
I feel like I keep giving the same advice and tips to a bunch of you these past few weeks so here are my 3 tips if you're feeling stuck.

1) The Perfect Day Exercise.
You essentially write out your perfect WORKING day from beginning to end in a ton of detail. You don't write as it is now or what's 100% realistic in your limited imagination. You go all in with what would be ideal to you.
Some things may surprise you and some may not. 

Take about 10-15 minutes.  
Where do you wake up and with whom? Yourself, man, dog?
What's your morning routine?
What do you wear?
Do you go into a space or work on your porch?
*Do this until your head hits the pillow at night.

2Connect and learn from others. 
If there is any area of your life you want to explore or dabble in, it's so much easier to connect with others who have been there done that to get a peak of that style of life. For example, maybe you're pondering yoga teacher training. Why not ask someone to coffee or for or a quick call for advice or to walk you through what the experience was like. If you're thinking about changing careers start setting up these chats with people weekly. People love to help and worst thing they can do is decline or not respond:)

3. Quiet Time
If you don't slow down how will you know what you want? I jam pack my days as well but when I need time to get clear on stuff I purposely take more yoga classes, attempt journaling, pray more, take walks with my dog without headphones etc. 

Enjoy and give it a whirl!

 XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost

Katie Mander