On Making Tough Choices



We were on our mats and she said, "Life is Hard."

Some weeks it feels like everything is great. No, it's perfect. It's a breeze. We are happy. Totally content.

And then out of nowhere life throws us a curve ball. Sometimes it's something minor that we can easily recover from.. maybe with a chat from a girlfriend or a BIG glass of wine. Other times it can feel totally overwhelming. Isolated. Alone.

The Beauty Boost: "Be Kind. You never know what others are going through."

But it's important to remember we are never alone. There are so many of us going through similar situations or feeling the same feelings. It's okay to remember to not have to have it all together. You can be a mess through certain seasons of life. The important thing is to listen to that inner voice and trust your intuition.

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost