One Hot Mess

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I guarantee you that is reading this is not perfect. I can happily relate as I'm a far cry from whatever that word even means. I rarely feel "ready" to take on the things I do but I'm learning to do them anyway. Read on for the example below<3It's a real hot mess.....The Beauty Boost: "I can't do this but I'm doing it anyway."Here's a little story of a hot mess. People have encouraged me to continue the event I plan, "A Taste of Fitness" to other cities as it seemed to be well received here in Columbus. Soo it'll be coming to Pittsburgh in January of 2018 and Cleveland in July of this year. My plan has always been to hold these events in the winter/fall time frame but after speaking with a venue in Cleveland who informed me they thought the summer would be great based on their venue, I accepted. Myself and a friend booked the studios and venues and went for the site visit. Now Insert the Hot Mess. The venue was ONLY outdoors...I had to go and do a site visit to a TON of venues in one day and figure out another venue that had an opening for July 16 within my budget.Important questions to ask myself:Do I know any studios in Cleveland? NODo I know any actual humans in Cleveland? NOT REALLYCould the event be a real disaster leaving me standing in an empty room with studio owners & vendors? YESI'll do everything in my power to create a successful event but I ask myself.."But so what." I'd rather take this year to explore and try than to sit back and be paralyzed by the big "What If." I often repeat the mantra above, "I can't do this but I'm doing this anyway." Find your own phrase or use that one...whatever helps you move forward.XO Rachel-The Beauty BoostCOMING UP:*A Taste of Fitness Sampler #2: June 11 10am-12pm. Under 25 spots left!*A Taste of Fitness CLEVELAND: July 16 9am-1pm*The Summer Retreat Getaway: August 18-20. Hocking Hills. 6 spots left.*Summer Paddle Board Series is Up and first events already Sold Out..see the others!*1 on 1 Empowerment Sessions. Email for details & to book.*Our virtual EveryDay Inspired group is growing. If you want in or details email me! It's FREEEEEEE.