Pressure to Find your Purpose


Hey Girl!

The August bookclub's book was: Own your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley.

Jordan chats about how our culture currently has this huge pressure on us tofind our purpose. She mentions those of us who haven't yet found our purpose can feel like a failure.

I love how she elaborates how purpose isn't JUST what we do on the outside (such as always our jobs) but what we do on the INSIDE.

She states, "However, when I relentlessly fight to realign with my true purpose, prepare for the challenges of life, and equip myself with the perspective it takes to break through the pressure (rather than simply avoiding or ignoring it), everything changes."

Throughout the book she shares a lot of what I believe most of us feel on a day to day basis and her tips.

My quick tips would be:
*Get connected to your SOUL. Get in touch with what's really going on inside. Journal. Do the work. Don't mask it.
*Get curious. Ask yourself questions like a lil Nancy Drew detective.
*Try new things. Enjoy time alone AND with good quality friends.

That's it!
XO Rachel - The Beauty Boost

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Haley Guggenheim