Re-Creating your Life



The mantra I used during my yoga classes over the weekend was, "I can re-create my life at any time."

After class, I saw a workout friend who just seemed different. She didn't seem run down. She was full of life and energy. I came to find out she took a new job as she'd been really unhappy in her past job even though it "looked good on paper."

We think we are stuck. That getting out of our current situation seems impossible. I'm pretty positive she didn't make the leap to quit her job out of nowhere. She planned it out. She made little steps along the way.

The Beauty Boost: "I can re-create my life at any time."

Remember you can re-create your life at any time..and it doesn't have to be as drastic as a job change. I made the simple change recently of cutting out my

Thursday evening classes and my Saturday morning class. This was hard for me because Saturdays are a popular class slot and I hate saying no BUT this allowed me to have an actual life on the weekends and to gain back an evening in my week. Little changes aren't always so little. See what you can add, take away, change, modify, tweak and on.

It's uncomfortable. It doesn't always feel good at the time. Change is hard but that's how we grow.

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XO Rachel - The Beauty Boost