Setting up your 2019 Part 2!


Last Monday we chatted on just THINKING about your 2019 with prompted journaling questions. If you missed it, review here.

NOW time to apply some of that thinking into ACTION. Grab your 2019 calendar and plug in those goals. Example, if you wanted to travel 2x then plug it into your calendar on the appropriate months. If your goals were self-development, jot yourself a note on each month as a friendly reminder to sign up for a workshop, listen to a podcast, read a self-help book or become part of a group that empowers you. If your goal was to get a promotion, plug in when you plan to talk to your boss and have your "speech" created.

If we don't do these "simple" things time + life passes us by. They are basic but IMPORTANT. I've been working on collaborations and plugging in all of our 2019 events so that I can focus more on how to create even better experiences at each event and not worry on the logistics as they'll be completed.

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost
*If you get stuck, email me!