Simple Action Plan for Getting Unstuck


This past weekend we had the Winter Retreat and I co-led a LIT lab workshop with Julie Wojno. The main thing I hear from women is that they feel stuck. They feel stuck in a job, the routine of their lives, the feeling of drowning and barely making it through their days, in a relationship etc.

I think this is NORMAL. But you don't want to stay in that stuck spot for too long. It'll take a toll on you as we all know.

I believe the main thing that keeps us stuck in X, Y, Z is our thought pattern.What are we telling ourselves? Many call these "limiting beliefs." Things like, "I'll never be able to find a job with this salary." "I should stay in this job to use my degree I worked so hard for." "I've already invested 4 years with this guy so I can't call it quits now." "I need benefits and security that only a desk job can provide b/c I have a family." "Doing that thing would make me selfish."

Uh. These limiting beliefs are created through our past experiences, how we were raised and what we tell our minds to be true. The good news is it can be reversed but sometimes we have to fake it until we make it.


1. Journal out your limiting beliefs on a piece of paper. These could be: I'll never find anyone to marry. I'll never have enough money to feel secure. I will always have to work this job because it's selfish to leave.

2. Now reverse those limiting beliefs to flip them. These could be: I will work on making myself happy and loving myself for when I meet the right person. I have enough money as I have everything I need. I am never stuck in my job and I will find a job I thrive in.

3. Write down at least one of your new beliefs and repeat this morning and night. This is the fake it til you make it part. It may sound whoo whoo but there is tons of power in the words we tell ourselves. So humor me and yourself and give it a try. Do this for the entire month of March.

4. If you want a little more, check out these bonus questions to journal:

  • What goals would I like to achieve?

  • What’s currently preventing me from achieving these goals?

  • What kind of person would l ideally like to become?

  • What is it specifically that I would like to change?

  • What specific beliefs are not working for me?

  • What beliefs are preventing me from achieving my desired outcomes?

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost