Simple Routine Tips for Stress


Hello December. Happy Monday.

Winter weddings. Holiday parties. Shopping for shit we don’t need. A million invitations to events. Extra hours at work to cram it all in before break. It can all be very overwhelming which leads me to the topic of stress. Why do some of us seem to ease with the load and go with the flow while others have a melt down?Lately I’ve added 7 additional yoga classes to my weekly schedule and found my personal fitness routine again. I actually feel way less stressed and I really owe it all to giving myself a couple hours of planning time on Sundays.Here are some minor changes I’ve made that set me up for my week.The Beauty Boost:"It's not stress that kills us. It's our reaction to it."Every Sunday I now do the following:

  1. Get on the Mind Body app and plan out my classes for the following week. Because some of the studios I go to get a waitlist a week in advance I schedule out a week ahead of time. I make sure I have SOMETHING on my schedule that fits with my work week. The key for me to actually go to class has been switching from scheduling evening classes to morning b/c I know by the time evening comes I am wiped out.
  1. Get the bulk of my laundry done so I have clothes for the work week.
  1. Get groceries. I buy the premade salad in a bag for $3, tons of yogurts, smoothie necessities and snack stuff so I stop getting in a bind and going out to eat everyday. Plus I feel healthier.
  1. Sort through my email. I don’t necessarily spend a ton of time working but I give all of my accounts a glance to see if there are any pressing items and maybe even draft up a few emails to release space in my head so I’m not spending my day worrying.
  1. Go through my planner and add a color code to each day. Nothing crazy or fancy..I just take a sharpy and dedicate any classes I’m teaching to to pink, classes I’m taking to to blue, work hours to another color and so on.

6. Do a quick walk through of my apartment and pick stuff up +light cleaning.On the daily I do the following:

  1. Pack my workout and day clothes the night before. If I’m showering at the studio I pack my bag.
  2. Pack Stuarts food for doggie daycare (until he gets let go)…
  3. Put some food/snacks in a bag in the fridge to take to work to have choices throughout the day.
  4. Pack my workbag with my charges and jazz.
  5. Before I go to bed I take a peak at my planner for the following day to know any meetings, etc I have.

Hope this helps and you can create your own stress relievers:)XO Rachel-The Beauty BoostPS Our Winter Retreat is SOLD OUT but the Spring Retreat is open for registration and we only have 12 spots left! April 7-9, 2017 at Hocking HillsLINK: The Taste of Fitness schedule is finalized and cost is just $10..still some Fit Bags left!LINK: