Stop doing THIS.


Hey girl!

I talked about this during this morning's yoga class and it's the simplest thing to RE-DIRECT OUR MINDS...which is gratitude. I hear so many people say things like: "Uh I just gotta get through this week" or let themselves drift into all the tasks ahead and go into negative mode. STOP DOING THIS. 

How about being thankful you're in decent health. How about if you took a fitness class last week that you have the financial ability to do so and you're physically able. I have a friend teaching yoga to an amputee coming up. I have someone close to me going through chemo. 

Those women would gladly trade places with you. So when your mind starts to drift to the dark side, I use the simple mantra, "I am grateful for (FILL IN THE BLANK)." This can instantly shift us out of anxiety mode and away from being a crabby pattie.

Of course all of this is easier said than done. That's why we PRACTICE. Over and over again. <3

XO Rachel- The Beauty Boost