How to Stop Feeling Like Shit


Let's get back to the basics. Take a mini internal audit of your physical + mental state. How are you feeling? Sluggish or Energetic? Overwhelmed or Excited? Bogged Down and Drained or Charged and Fueled?

If you're in a good spot check in with what you're doing and keep doing it! But if you're needing a little life change then let's get back to our roots with the below OH SO SIMPLE steps:

  1. Rehydrate by taking your water bottle with you everywhere. It's the dumbest things that make the difference.

  2. Sleep. Stop going to bed at a time slot where you know you'll only get 5-6 hours. Plan backwards and strive for at least 7 hours.

  3. Schedule Makeover. Look at your schedule and try to plan better. Where can you group errands together? Where can you say no to some things. What days are action packed so you need to fuel up with better meal planning?

  4. Think of food as fuel and still eat things you actually like. I live off snacking and having quick + easy grab and go jazz for my day. If I don't plan it, I notice I'll grab a bagel here and then a vanilla late there and before you know it I'm in a sugar coma. So stop doing that. The mini decisions also make the big differences.

That's it. Super Simple..

The Beauty Boost: "Do something today that your future self will thank you for. "

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost


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